Why Create the Coalition?

To be honest I was sitting watching Suicide Squad, which at time of writing has only been out for a few days, and I found myself in the theatre wondering: "How did this get made?" "What is going on?" "Why is he doing that!"

I've been toying with the idea of a Coalition for Good Storytelling for some time now; every bad plot hole, every flat character, every poorly written line of dialogue put one more straw on the back of that illustrious camel. Well consider that particular camel in traction, because I've had enough. Something had to be done.

The Coalition for Good Storytelling is an organization of like minded persons whose goal is simply to perpetuate the telling of a good story, and to offer guidance on how to do just that.

Just tell a good story. How hard is that? Apparently very hard.  Modern media is plagued with instances of ham handed plots, thoughtless dialogue, and slipshod writing.  No longer.

The motivations for the creation of media should put this simple concept, tell a good story, ahead of all others and the rest of the chips will fall where they may. A good story will get viewers, a good story will make money, a good story will cause insight and change. Stories shape our society, mold peoples' perceptions of the world, and give meaning and depth to our routine struggle. They entertain, enlighten, and educate; and a good story has the power to endure.

So this marks the beginning.  Welcome.


Place Holder - REVIEW

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